Shatter Point

2014 Fall NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner – Best THRILLER
2015 Eric Hoffer da Vincie Eye – Finalist
2015 Eric Hoffer Grand Prize – Finalist
2015 Eric Hoffer Commercial Fiction – Honorable Mention

When her 19-year-old son Jack miraculously recovers from a serious head trauma, Maggie is sure her luck has changed. But when she’s abducted by a shadow from her past – a phantom with dangerous sapphire eyes – it’s up to Jack and his younger brother Tom to unravel the mystery and save their mom from a deadly psychological battle.

The brothers seek help from their colorful great aunt, who exposes them to a world of nefarious family secrets, explosive government conspiracies, and a series of horrific murders. Together they must navigate a dark underworld full of political subterfuge and class warfare.

Yet as they search for their mother, Jack changes—he’s raked by skull splitting headaches and weird visions. How exactly did he recover from his coma, and how does this tie into the psychopath who’s abducted their mother?

Will Jack and Tom save Maggie before Cooper reaches his shatter point?  Does Jack have enough time left?

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An original, gripping saga...a wild ride of not just murder and mayhem, but social inspection. All this coalesces in a thriller that grabs readers and doesn't let go, skillfully twisting, turning, and manipulating its plot for maximum impact....You have a truly multifaceted read that grabs a hold and won't let go till its logical, satisfyingly unexpected conclusion.

eBook Reviewer, MBR

Reynolds Readers’ Favorite

An amazing read….This is one of those books that no reader will be able to part with until they reach the end, I guarantee it. FIVE STARS

Kevin Ryan, Bestselling Author

Shatter Point is a wild ride.


Jacque’s Book Nook

With surprises around every corner, I found this to be a very fast paced story that I simply could not put down.

Next Page Reviews.

Shatter Point is an exciting novel of suspense, action, drama, and even a little bit of horror. It’s fast paced and full of plot twists and turns you never see coming. It’s definitely one of the best novels out there right now…. Overall, this novel was a fantastic mix of genres, containing great characters, and written flawlessly.

No Holding Back

So one of my favorite elements of this book is that it combines my favorite aspects of my favorite authors into one. James Patterson – the master of the psycho killer who kidnaps girls, Patricia Cornwell – scientific thriller, and Dean Koontz – really spooky plots. Jeff Altabef includes it all in this book. This is a book for everyone who likes suspense and thrillers!

Bass Giraffe

If you enjoy a great suspense novel, I would HIGHLY recommend this book. It will get your heart pumping and have you hoping the craziness will turn out for the good of everyone involved. You won’t want to put this story down till the very end.

Bennett, Readers’ Favorite

Shatter Point will tick all of your boxes and give you even more than that. I had trouble setting this one down. I give this book two thumbs up and suggest it for a fantastic read.


Random Smiles

If you like a good mystery or thriller you will enjoy Shatter Point. You might find yourself feeling pity for characters one moment and getting ready to bit your nails the next.

Shelf Full of Books

Shatter Point is a fast moving psychological thriller which includes political intrigue and a medical conspiracy…. I thought the characters were likable and realistic.

bassgiraffe’s Thoughts

The author writes in such a way that I couldn’t stop reading. There were nights I would tell myself I’d only read for an hour and the next thing I know it was 4 hours later and 2 AM. If you enjoy a great suspense novel, I would HIGHLY recommend this book. It will get your heart pumping and have you hoping the craziness will turn out for the good of everyone involved. You won’t want to put this story down till the very end.

Passionate Bookworms

I love a book that is a social commentary but is effortlessly able to weave a intriguing story into it. While this book is definitely not my normal YA genre, it made me think and I love books that do that!

The Bookie Monster

There are twists and turns galore in this book and once you think you have it all figured out, another curve ball is thrown at you.  Will they find Maggie in time to save her from Cooper’s wrath?  If you love a good mystery suspense, this is the book for you.


Anne-Marie Reynolds, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews and Awards

Shatter Point by Jeff Altabef is a gripping psychological thriller set a little in the future. Maggie was only young when she first met Cooper. At first friends, she soon found out that there was a darker side to him. She rejects him and moves away with her family, marrying and having two sons, Jack and Tom. Cooper doesn’t forget her though, and every year he writes to her, sending her a photo of a woman he has tortured and murdered in her name. Jack is involved in an accident and, to save him, he is given an experimental drug without his knowledge. Unfortunately, testing is not complete on it and the results so far are not good. One day, things change. Cooper takes Maggie and it is up to her sons and friends at the Fourteenth Colony to find her. Can they locate her before it’s too late? How many more people have to die before the nightmare ends? Can Jack be saved before the drug takes his life?
Shatter Point by Jeff Altabef was an amazing read. There were two separate stories here fully entwined together. The story started on a high note and never dropped a beat the whole way through. Excellent thriller, a scary one because the experimental drug side of it is something that could possibly happen, or may even be happening today. This is one of those books that no reader will be able to part with until they reach the end, I guarantee it.

Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

A serial killer is nothing new to the mystery genre. A woman kidnapped by one who has been watching and stalking her for years is nothing special, either. But take these ingredients and add a near-future setting (2041), more than a dose of political intrigue, and the efforts of sons to retrieve their mother (only to uncover a snake’s pit of family secrets entwined with deadly political and social conflict) and you have an original, gripping saga in Shatter Point.

Everything comes together with a bang, here; from decades of a killer’s careful plots to a future America vastly changed, but firmly grounded on logical outcomes of actions in modern times.
One would expect the story to open with its protagonist Maggie, or perhaps her stalker Cooper: instead, it all begins in a lab where scientists are experimenting with a drug that regenerates brain tissue – a drug about to be used on a young patient, which holds the potential to end Alzheimer’s and improve cognitive function – or kill.

From genetic manipulation and twists of fate to cold-blooded murder, scenarios change with a snap but succeed in bringing readers along for what evolves into a wild ride of not just murder and mayhem, but social inspection: “Without extraordinary vines, truly superior wine cannot flourish. The same is true with humans. Only those with the proper genetic code can truly be exceptional.”

As events evolve from lab to real world and spill over into 2041 interactions and political possibilities, the focus on a dangerous drug’s development and use centers Shatter Point and keeps it a turbulent story with a powerful focal point. And one of the points is: the drug has its pros and cons. Like everything else in Shatter Point, nothing is simple or cut-and-dried.

It’s when you add the social issues, however, that the story really gets interesting and departs from anticipated routes: “That’s the best part.” Wickersham laughed. “‘We can brainwash the ghettos and transform them into hard-working citizens at the same time. Some will even work themselves to death without realizing what they’re doing.”

The promise of a cancer vaccine, the secret Project Qing that involves the highest levels of government, a Vice President of the U.S. who believes his superior genes gives him the right to not only manipulate but kill – all this coalesces in a thriller that grabs readers and doesn’t let go, skillfully twisting, turning, and manipulating its plot for maximum impact.

Now, readers of the prior Fourteenth Colony (of which this reviewer is not) will likely be satisfied with a sequel which further adds social and political perspectives to the futuristic setting; but newcomers will find absolutely no prior familiarity is necessary to enjoy Shatter Point as the stand-alone thriller that it is – and that’s saying a lot in a publishing world where too many books that should ideally be singular volumes are broken down into cliff-hanging trilogies and beyond.

The dystopian world posited by Shatter Point, in which wealth and privilege is concentrated in a relatively small pool and everyone else struggles with marginal lives in tightly regulated circles, is more than believable. Issues of poverty are taken to new levels here, while characters share often-cloudy degrees of responsibility to themselves and each other. At the heart of many issues is the ideal of superiority and the ‘right’ of some individuals to decide for others; even in life-or-death situations.

In such a scenario, individual actions and responsibility become equally murky, and even the strongest protagonist (such as Maggie) can find herself confused about the points where a little knowledge translates to social responsibility and when it should be limited to protecting one’s turf.

From the moral and ethical dilemmas posed by drug testing to the control of violence in a society dominated by privilege, Shatter Point reveals much food for thought. Add the overlap of romance, murder mystery, and political thriller and you have a truly multifaceted read that grabs a hold with powerful protagonists and issues and won’t let go till its logical, satisfyingly unexpected conclusion: a neat wrap-up perfect for a precisely-evolving thriller.

Kathryn Bennett, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews and Awards

Shatter Point by Jeff Altabef is a thriller that does not stop. Maggie and Cooper met when they were young, but even when she was young Maggie could sense that something was wrong with Cooper. He had charm, good looks and wealth, but also there was a deep sense of danger that loomed around him and in his eyes. Cooper haunts Maggie from a distance until everything changes. When Jack and Tom find out their mother has been taken, they will stop at nothing to rescue her. Along the way, they uncover family secrets and government conspiracies … not to mention murders.

This book has myriad twists and turns that will keep you holding on and wondering what is coming next. I truly enjoyed this thriller even in its gruesome aspects; murder is never nice. I personally had a little trouble connecting with some characters but that tends to be something that happens for me in thrillers. It did not keep me from enjoying every page of this engaging story. I found the flow of the book to be fast paced and perfect for this kind of story. Jeff Altabef has truly created a gripping story that is full of suspense, thrills and drama. If you enjoy this genre, Shatter Point will tick all of your boxes and give you even more than that. I had trouble setting this one down and I think you will do too. I give this book two thumbs up and suggest it for a fantastic read.

Best Selling Author Kevin Ryan

Jeffrey Altabef has done it again, with Shatter Point, his sequel on the haves and have-nots, with a serial killer, an idealistic doctor, a kidnapped mom and a resistance movement thrown in for good measure.

As he did in his debut political thriller, Fourteenth Colony, Altabef weaves an engaging plot around characters trying to fight against an overpowering social system. With unexpected turns and characters you’ll root for, Shatter Point is a wild ride, leaving us hoping for another compelling sequel.

I’m also happy to learn of his plans to branch out into the young adult market, with his daughter as co-author, with the upcoming Wind Catcher. Stay tuned for this new talent!

Alex Mueck Author

I had read the author’s first book – The 14th Colony a year or so ago, and was curious where he would take the original future take with his next offering. Shatter Point, while a sequel, with some of the characters from book one, it really is a unique story that stands on it’s own. Unlike most successor books, you could actually read this without having even reading to have read first book, which to me is a talent in itself.

Shatter Point is more of a psychological thriller with different sub plot elements that build and grow until they weave together with cohesive precision. You have the overarching take set on America’s future, which set both book one and this book apart from most thrillers, and what I love most about what Altabef has created. His focus on the future is not gadget driven tech speak, but rather on the changes forced upon America’s citizens and society, that I will not delve into as spoilers, but mention because it is brilliant.

Within this future world the story itself – with perhaps the most focus on a deranged character, who the author does a good job giving insights to a past that will come back to haunt the future, but the character grows until, well, he is someone more than you may expect. There is an experimental drug, that for me had two main angles, the creator of it and the controlling corporate structure in control and then the fate of a treasured character from book one. One that ties him, his brother and other central characters to what the is the 14th Colony, a resistance to the what America has become.

The character themselves, and there is decent sized cast,come to life on paper, some you will love, others you will loathe. The writing is clean and crisp – the kind of reading that is not a chore, but pleasure. Some books I love I say to myself – this would not make a good movie, while others I say this would be perfect for film, and with Shatter Point it was the later. I kept saying this is the perfect movie. I kept visualizing things, seeing an Aunt Jackie as some Ruth Gordon type from those Things are Tough all Over Clint Eastwood movies. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is, Shatter Point delivers on many levels.

I look forward to the next instalment in this series.