Shatter Point

WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Fall 2014 – Best Book in the Category of THRILLER
WINNER: Eric Hoffer da Vinci Eye Awards 2015 — Grand Prize: Finalist
WINNER: Eric Hoffer Book Awards 2015 — Best Commercial Fiction: Honorable Mention

Some nightmares never end!

When her 19-year-old son Jack miraculously recovers from a serious head trauma, Maggie is sure her luck has changed. But when she’s abducted by a shadow from her past – a phantom with dangerous sapphire eyes – it’s up to Jack and his younger brother Tom to unravel the mystery and save their mom from a deadly psychological battle.

The brothers seek help from their colorful great aunt, who exposes them to a world of nefarious family secrets, explosive government conspiracies, and a series of horrific murders. Together they must navigate a dark underworld full of political subterfuge and class warfare – before the psychopath who took their mother reaches his shatter point.

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  • From genetic manipulation and twists of fate to cold-blooded murder, scenarios change with a snap but succeed in bringing readers along for what evolves into a wild ride of not just murder and mayhem but social inspection.

    D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer

    Midwest Book Review

  • Surprises around every corner, I found this to be a very fast paced story that I simply could not put down.

    Jacque's Book Nook

  • If you enjoy a great suspense novel, I would HIGHLY recommend this book. It will get your heart pumping and have you hoping the craziness will turn out for the good of everyone involved. You won’t want to put this story down till the very end.


  • Will tick all of your boxes and give you even more than that. I had trouble setting this one down… and suggest it for a fantastic read.

    Bennett, Readers' Favorite

    5 Stars

  • The book combines my favorite aspects of my favorite authors into one. James Patterson-the master of the psycho killer who kidnaps girls, Patricia Cornwell-scientific thriller, and Dean Koontz-really spooky plots.

    No Holding Back

  • This is a thrilling captivating read that I really enjoyed.

    Sit Back and Get Cozy

  • I love a book that is a social commentary but is effortlessly able to weave an intriguing story into it…It made me think and I love books that do that!

    Passionate Bookworms

  • An amazing read….This is one of those books that no reader will be able to part with until they reach the end, I guarantee it.

    Stars Reynolds Readers' Favorite

  • There are twists and turns galore in this book and once you think you have it all figured out, another curve ball is thrown at you. If you love a good mystery suspense, this is the book for you.

    Bookie Monster

  • A wild ride.

    Kevin Ryan - Bestselling Author