Scorched Souls

Scorched Souls brings to a conclusion the Chosen series, which began with the multiple award-winning Wind Catcher, and continued with Brink of Dawn. Finish the adventure!

Survival is not enough.
Alliances will be formed.
Loyalties tested.
A choice made.

My name is Juliet Wildfire Stone and I’m not just a Chosen, I’m the Alpha… and the fate of Earth rests in my hands.

When I finally met the Prime Elector, he wasn’t anything like I expected. He was supposed to be our mortal enemy, a monster I needed to destroy to fulfill my destiny, yet he was nothing like that–he’s young, brilliant, and looks like an angel.

Caught in the middle of a conflict between two ancient foes, which threatens to rip Earth apart, I must do what is right at all costs. To choose my fate, and Earth’s future, I will need to navigate a new path, form unlikely alliances, and solve ancient mysteries forgotten for centuries.

Yet I cannot do it alone. Will the other Chosen follow me? Do I have the strength to make the right choice, or will the people of Earth be enslaved for all time?

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  • I loved this series. I read them all back to back and then the second chances short story that goes along with them to help fill in a few blanks. This book was brilliant, it drew you in and made you want to know what would happen between the world’s if they would connect or would the world just end. Could the chosen have been mislead all along by the spirits, were they just pawns in some bigger game of which they were never meant to win?

    Amazon Reviewer

  • This ending was perfect. It was a summation of all of the choices Juliet made or were made for her. She drew upon the lessons of her grandfather and her experiences in order to finally understand her purpose and her choice. Loved this series.

    Amazon Reviewer

  • Overall, I would say that if you are into dystopian fiction, this is totally a series you should check out. I think it fits in nicely with the genre, and is actually more well-written than others I have read from the genre. It’s a nice twist on a-hero-saves-the-world story that has been written about extensively the past few years. It’s fast-paced and exciting, and is definitely a nice addition to the YA fic genre.

    Reading for Sanity

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