Fracture Point

The best-kept secrets in 2041 America are the deadliest ones.

A mysterious scarlet haired jazz singer.
A rebel on a motorcycle.
And a killer with a penchant for torture.

Food is scarce, good jobs the rarity, and big brother is watching everyone. Will Jack and Tom’s family be torn apart in the mayhem, and how far will one brother go to save the other’s life?

In 2041, America is rife with ghettos and armed checkpoints, and poverty runs rampant. A bloody civil war is brewing, and everyone will be forced to take a side. Education is the only way out of a life where you’re never sure where your next meal will come from, or what you’ll have to do to get it. Tom aced his assessment tests and scored an education contract, giving him a way out of poverty. Jack isn’t so lucky.

When Jack, a spy for a rebel faction, goes missing, only his brother Tom can unravel the mystery of his disappearance. He will risk everything to save his brother from Warren, a killer who enjoys torturing his victims and making them beg for mercy. On a mission, Tom plunges into a world filled with secretive rebel groups and spies, psychotic killers, lies and murder at the highest levels of political influence. When he also discovers that his family has been keeping secrets from him—secrets that threaten to doom them all—he doesn’t know whom to trust.

Tom must break every rule he’s lived by, and go head-to-head with a psychopath, if he’s to have any chance of saving his brother—and just maybe, keep America from reaching the fracture point.

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Fracture Point

Fracture Point's exquisitely drawn characters keep readers involved and immersed in the plot, even though there are a lot of them - and a lot of special interests involved. Under another hand the story line could have become confusing; but Altabef takes the time needed to create characters who are believable and whose motivations and actions are compelling against the backdrop of a bigger story, and this approach drives a thriller that proves hard to put down.

Diane Donovan
Editor, MidWest Book Reviews

Readers’ Favorite 5 Stars

“Jeff Altabef’s Fracture Point is a mesmerizing thriller that contains great elements of style, biting suspense, and casts a spell that gets the reader longing to delve deeper into the heart of the characters and to travel the places they go.”
~ Divine Zape

Fracture Point by Jeff Altabef is a thriller — but not in the conventional, popular sense of the term. It is a thriller that really toys with the reader’s heart. You can feel your blood pumping and your fist tightening, then the next moment you are relaxing, only to be catapulted to yet another height of the thrill.”
~ Ruffina Oserio

Fracture Point is a story where everyone is out to get the next guy and you’re never quite sure till the story ends who can be trusted. The result? A story that keeps readers turning pages late into the night, where the action never stops long enough for the reader to put the book down.”
~Viga Boland

US Book Reviews

“His trigger finger twitched anxiously. Sweat glistened off the hair on his knuckles. Tension made his assault rifle shake.”

In the future, the divide between the classes is larger than it perhaps has ever been. The privileged elite enjoy not only the finer things in life, but better chances at education, celebrity, and even more advanced medicine. Jack and Tom are two brothers in a family barely considered middle-class. Jack works at a country club with the club’s tennis pro while Tom has shown the aptitude to attempt higher education and carve out a better life for his mother and brother. But Jack also belongs to an underground resistance trying to create upheaval in the system. When a tryst with an affluent woman leads Jack to discovering a flash drive with classified information on it, his life quickly becomes a living nightmare. Chief among his problems is Warren, a psychopathic power-player capable of controlling many people, who is determined to eliminate Jack and retrieve the lost data.

Mixing science fiction, action, and suspense, this story imagines a future that isn’t quite dystopian. The disparity between the haves and the have-nots, and the prevalence of popular reality television shows makes the setting more like a logical progression of the modern day. The chapters in this book are brief, which is the perfect pace for a story like this, allowing the reader as many stopping points as they need while also urging them to keep going for just another one or two. While the genre and the characters fit the young adult category, there are elements of sex and violence in this book that should be left to more mature readers even within that demographic. Imaginative and gripping, this book tells a story that blends the familiar and the fantastical.